The beauty of a TRUE RELATION

“Let them support you, let them take care of you, let them help you in overcoming all your insecurities. Let them heal you.”


 Sometimes you miss out on some people who may love you the way no one can ever do. May be, they were the people you actually deserve?
But still nothing works. 
And most of the time this happens only because you think that the person in front doesn’t deserve you.


You think that the person deserves a better person or may be someone different from how you are. You think you are not someone who would be able to keep the person happy.
But you are not the only person who should get to decide this. You cannot decide who would be right for the person and who won’t be. I mean I agree that you have the rights but in this case, their decision should also be considered equally. They are equally involved so let them also decide what is right and what is wrong.


You are a human and no one is perfect. Every one has something or the other as their weakness or minus points. Some people are insecure, some are not good looking and some are extremely dominant and possessive (according to them), etc. But all these things do not define who you actually are. 


Ask yourself if you intend to love and care for the person forever no matter what happens. 

If yes, this answer alone holds all the importance. 

Loving someone with all what you have and caring for the person, sharing your happiness and sorrows and giving your time to them and being the real you is what a true relationship requires.

You don’t need to be afraid of what if because of you the person gets hurt. Because love is way more powerful than hurt! If the person really loves you, he/she will not only accept you with all the weakness you have, but will appreciate you for who you are and will help you to overcome all your weaknesses. And will definitely love you way more than you ever thought of. This is the beauty of a true relation. 

Whatever you consider as your weakness is liked by some and disliked by others. So do not decide on your own if you would be able to keep the person happy. Let the person decide if she/he is happy being with you or not. Let the person decide if she/he wants to be with you forever or not. Don’t push them away from you only on the basis of your own thought process. Instead, talk to them about your insecurities, tell them that you are afraid of this responsibility because you don’t want them to face troubles in future. Tell them that you are worried about feelings and emotions. 

Do not wait for the right time and do not think if this is the right time to talk about all these. Nothing is too early and late. 

Because right time is when you decide to talk. Otherwise time won’t be right anytime soon and in a blink of eye it will be too late to mend things at right place!
Let them support you, let them take care of you, let them help you in overcoming all your insecurities. Let them heal you. 


Keep loving! 



Love ♡



Cruise of Love! 

Introduction of MY New Story!

“Please don’t spoil it. We are perfect trust me!” He pleaded. 

“I trust you..” She said being lost in his eyes. 

​”What the f**k? Leave me!” She whishper yelled at him and kept struggling in his strong hold. He had pressed her between him and the wall, holding her both hands above her head on each side. 

But he didn’t leave her. Infact he went more close to her and bent near her ear. 

“Stop struggling!” he breathed and she stopped. His breath on her shoulders were making her crazy. 

He left her right hand which he was holding above her head and held her waist with that hand and the other hand still held her left hand clasping it between his strong palms and the wall. 

He gave a soft kiss below her ear and she shivered. She slowly kept her hand on his shoulder and made her grip as tight as possible to prevent herself from falling and in return she felt his grip on her waist getting more firm. 

“This is wrong!” With great difficulty she said. 

“But ‘WE’ are right. ‘US’ is right!” He said and kissed her shoulder. 

She moaned his name and held his shoulder more firmly digging her nails. 

“But…” and before she could say anything he kept his finger on her lips.  They were centimetres away. The intensity in their eyes could set fire. Pure feelings, no lust. Truth in each others eyes said it all.

“Shhh! Please don’t spoil it. We are perfect trust me!” He said inching closer. Even air found it difficult to pass through. Both were feeling each others breath. 

“I trust you…” She said and without wasting a second and giving her any chance to speak further, he placed his lips on her. 

Everything stopped. Body felt numb. 



Welcome to another tale by MissDeathlyDeath, 

                  “Cruise of love”

A story about two best friends who plan a trip to South India with their family. 

What happens when they meet some unexpected people?  What does their destiny hold for them?